Beautiful People

by Roanoke

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Distributed by Roanoke and Driftwood Records

Connor Jones - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Arce - Drums/Vocals
Jack McKevitt - Guitar/Some Vocals
Nic Kuczynski - Bass/Some Vocals

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Leber in Matt's basement and The Awe Howler Cave

Mastered by Dan Gleason at Holographic Recording Studio


released August 2, 2013

Thank you all so much



all rights reserved


Roanoke Rockford, Illinois


2012 - 2015

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Track Name: Skeletons
The feeling of an ending is overwhelming,
and I can feel my happiness leaving with it.
I can't catch my breath.
The best thing I've ever had is ending before it begins.
And I've watched all of my friends
wither away into skeletons.
But I've been hiding them in my closet
so I can't blame them.
Each time I see them
their bones grow weaker.

I only pray to god to feel like somebody's listening.

Why is everything so temporary?
I want my friends back with beating hearts and skin.
Track Name: Breaking
Somebody tell me
how long I've had my head in this hole.
When did my life become so cloudy
and filled with rain?
I try to keep my head held high,
but I am a bane to myself and everyone around me.
I can't keep my back straight.

I'm so sick of feeling rainy all the time.
My bones are bending and breaking, but I can't feel anything.

This is what it takes to give up.
This is what it takes to give in.
Track Name: I'm Trying
I'm trying to be what you wanted,
but it's not enough.
I'm trying to be what you wanted,
but I am all alone.
My mind is leaving,
my mind is leaving you.
I'm leaving you behind.

So anchors away.

I'm doing this for me.
Track Name: Settlements
Unfamiliar territories spark new inspirations
creating the urge to connect and find a home.
All of these unknown people shouldn't be deemed strangers,
but new friends with different faces.
See the world isn't plotting against you,
you're plotting against you.
Causing you to wander aimlessly
through bustling quads and bright city streets.
New settlements for lost travelers that know exactly where they are going, but they're too nervous and stand still.
Track Name: Empty Bottles with Fixed Smiles
Half hearted hand in hand, I guess we tried.
My hands are too dull to feel you pull away.
You walk away from me without a sigh.
Fake a smile, take a drink, don't even think
About the huge mistake we both just made.

Stumbling out the door, heaving up the apology,
I couldn't bear to give.
My spiralling mind sends me into the concrete.

Summer's wasted, and so are you.
Time is fading and I am too.

Climbing back to my feet,
I find your face,
Our gazes meet,
You take my hand,
We both leave.
Track Name: I Can't Do this on My Own
My friends keep me grounded,
with my roots buried deep.
They keep me small
so that I can’t look down upon them.
I’d say I don’t deserve them,
They’d say they don’t deserve me.
I’m so scared to be away for too long,
But I know when I come back I’ll see your smiles.
These days are the best that I’ll have,
My friends are all I have to hold on to.
Track Name: Dancing Dead
And it seems as though
all of the beautiful people want to end their lives.
I met a girl filled with hate for everything,
thinking of ending herself just to stop feeling.
Well, I’m not too good with words and I waste a lot of time,
but I had every intention to keep her alive.

There was a girl who met the devil at age 8,
plagued with a terminally ill fate,
if the young girl could speak now,
she’d have quite a bit to say.
There was a young girl who didn't know much about hate,
she was beautiful,
she died at the age of 8.
Track Name: Father
Father, do you remember the faces you left behind?

Did we even cross your mind as you decided to call it quits.

The bottle sealed lips, it sets your eyes to the problems you could have fixed. The bottle sealed lips.

Sealed Lips.

And Father did you see yourself as you left your body behind?
Your faith dwindled with ease set the urge to hold on was no longer important. The urge was no longer important.

Just keep tilting the bottle back.
Choke up your regrets.

Drown in your cold sweat.
Drown in your cold sweat.