by Roanoke

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Stepping stones.

We love you all, thanks for giving us a chance.


released December 21, 2012

Recorded and produced by our dear friend, Tariq (Ricky) Shihadah in his basement in Rockford, Illinois.

Also thanks to Zane Gilfillan for recording "Seeds" in his basement.

Everything except "Seeds" was mastered and mixed by Chris Galvez at Red Cord Studios in Rockford, Illinois.



all rights reserved


Roanoke Rockford, Illinois


2012 - 2015

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Track Name: Carebringer
Scars run deep,
but they heal so beautifully.
Natural tattoos of how blind we tend to be.
The scars in my chest
could pierce a bullet proof vest and leave me dead,
dead in the street at best.
Please carry me somewhere safe where my eyes fail to blink again.
Close them so I don't have to see my friends weeping,
they shouldn't sacrifice sleeping.
Put me in my coffin with a smile so I can be happy for once.
For what?
Where do I go from here?
I hear there's a place up there,
but I don't believe its true.
The answers are so beyond me,
maybe I want nothing.
Does there have to be
more than the people and sunshine around me?
Maybe I just want nothing.
Let's all just be happy.
For what?
Track Name: Sailor (ft. Tariq Shihadah)
When love is pain, it can devour you.
Well it devoured me, and I've been laying beneath my bed.
Pretending to be the monsters stuck in my head.

They plant these seeds that grow up into dead trees.

Well, I may not have crossed the seven seas but I've seen enough to diagnose my disease.
I have seen enough to diagnose my disease.

In fact, I've got three.
Love, hope and disbelief.
I've loved too much and I've hoped for the best,
but my heart is too heavy to rest.

I didn't think, that you would take everything that I have.

I always thought that we'd watch the sunset.
The moon came out and you just left.
The moon came out and you left me.

I just stood there in disbelief.
Track Name: Seeds
I wish I could feel, but I went numb years ago.
Months pass and I can start to move on just in time to fall apart again.
My heart branches out with little stems, dwelling in hearts that only pretend.

So take my hand and we can play pretend. For as long as you want, just don’t let this feeling end.

I've soaked up all that I can and my limbs are all bent from the time you tried to cut me down.
Well, my branches grew back and my trunk became stronger, but your words came at me like little hatchets and at that moment I fell.

Take advantage of me, utilize every little piece because I've planted seeds in your chest and I will soon grow tall again.
I will be the walls that you live in and those great oak floors that you stand on.
Just walk all over me! I don’t mind.. That’s what I was meant for.
I mean what else are friends for?!
I am an abandoned home.
Why can’t I have a heart of stone?
Track Name: Taker
So tell me what happens when I've lost all my hope;
weathered by crooked hands that only take.
I've lost everything.
Now I may have lost my hope,
but I still have my love.
I've lost everything and I am fine.
Track Name: Giver
Pale blue, promising eyes that take me back to the playgrounds where we once played.
Now I think its time that I took my knife from your back and put it in your chest.
This is all to keep you happy, I swear.
This is all for you.

I'm so tired; my morals are dragging me down.

Tell me did you really want to know?
Did you have to know?
Lets take it from the top, tell me where you stand.

Break free.

I Think its time for you to break free.